High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique

Distribution Centres expand access to drinking water in Greater Maputo

Maputo, 17 Jun (AIM) – Over 465,000 residents of 15 neighbourhoods in the Greater Maputo Metropolitan Area will enjoy a better water supply service, following the inauguration on 17 June of the distribution centres in Matlhemele and Guava neighbourhoods.

The centres, budgeted at over 500 million meticais (about eight million US dollars, at current exchange rates), funded by the Dutch Facility for Infrastructure Development (ORIO) will mitigate the water shortage in Greater Maputo, and increase the system’s storage capacity to about 15,000 cubic metres.

Inaugurating the centres, the Minister of Public Works, Joao Machatine, said they reflect government efforts to improve water supply for domestic, agricultural and industrial consumers

“The government’s commitment is to take drinking water to as many consumers as possible,” said the minister, pointing out the need to commit further investments in modern technologies to ensure an efficient water supply service and increased reliability.

Machatine claimed that there has been a significant reduction in commercial losses due to the new technologies adopted by the government’s Water Supply Investment and Assets Fund (FIPAG), but there is a great need to strengthen the current outcomes and ensure the success of the investment.

“The mounting of new floodgates at the Corumana dam reservoir and the operational equipment at the two distribution centres reflect the efforts underway,” he emphasized.

He has also entreated the community leaderships to keep a watchful eye on anybody who might attempt to disrupt efforts to ensure that an increasing number of consumers have access to drinking water.

The distribution centres, built between June 2018 and March 2021, are part of the Greater Maputo Water Supply System which includes the Water Treatment Plant in the Moamba district, inaugurated two weeks ago by President Filipe Nyusi.

Under the project, a 113 kilometre pipeline (from the Corumana dam to Machava and Guava) has been concluded, as well as 360 kilometres of the domestic distribution network.