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       Prova Anual de Vida dos Pensionistas do INSS Residentes no Estrangeiro

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    24 November, 2010
Government committed to public-private partnership
Maputo, 24 Nov (AIM) –President Armando Guebuza declared in Maputo on 23 November that the government is committed to carrying out fully its role in consolidating public-private partnerships.

Speaking at the closing session of the 12th Annual Conference of the Private Sector, organised by the Confederation of Mozambican Business Associations (CTA), President Guebuza said “the public-private dialogue should evolve to a stage where, as partners, we feel that we share responsibilities in carrying it through effectively. In this sharing of responsibilities we shall understand that each side is under pressure to deliver, and has demands to make, because we are all impatient and want to move more quickly”.

”We must also work to be more inclusive”, the President added. “We must find ways of reaching more economic actors, including the cooperative sector, the rural producers and even induce the informal sector to formalize its activity”.

President Guebuza said that the country has been attracting investment from companies of all sizes – and the investors “are not attracted just because we are a hospitable people, or because we are endowed with many natural resources”.

“They are also attracted”, he insisted, “by the business environment that we have been consolidating, through the reforms under way to establish a stable and credible financial system”.

He paid tribute to the private sector conferences “for their role in inducing structural transformations and for the gradual improvement in macro-economic stability”.

“The wind is blowing in our favour, in favour of the growth of national companies and of companies implanted in Mozambique”, President Guebuza said. “But we must always be aware that, like the wind, some of these opportunities may be fleeting, and so must be exploited while they exist”.

”We must continue to invest in innovation and in incorporating techniques and technologies that lead us to produce with greater efficiency”, he said. “If we become more efficient, then we shall become more competitive”.
He also called on Mozambican businesses to be “more creative and dynamic in exploiting the opportunities to establish or consolidate our business community, and strengthen its relationship with foreign businesses, We have to read the market attentively, minimize risks and diversify the products we are offering to the national, regional and global markets”.

President Guebuza stressed that company leaders should have a vision that they share with their workers, eliminating foci of conflict, so that workers and bosses alike have the same long term objective.

“A good climate in the workplace helps towards greater productivity”, he said, because when workers fell that they are valued “they may give more of themselves to the company”.
  2 December, 2019  
AIDS related deaths fell 20 percent over five years
President Filipe Nyusi declared on 1 December in the northern city of Nampula that the number of deaths from HIV/AIDS in Mozambique fell by 20 per cent between 2014 and 2018.

  18 November, 2019  
President addresses Catholic Bishops
President Filipe Nyusi on 16 November challenged the Catholic Church to continue its commitment to achieving the social well-being of Mozambicans and indicated that dialogue should be one of the paths chosen.

  17 November, 2019  
New water system for Gorongosa inaugurated
More than 30,000 people will benefit from clean drinking water in Gorongosa town, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala, thanks to a new water supply system that President Filipe Nyusi inaugurated on 15 November.


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