High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique

Security Council: Mozambique will strengthen promotion of peace

Maputo, 10 June (AIM) – Mozambican Foreign Minister Verónica Macamo has stated that Mozambique, as a newly elected non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, will contribute to the maintenance and promotion of peace in Africa and the world in general.

“We will focus attention on combating security threats, namely terrorism, violent extremism, maritime piracy, drug and human trafficking, and strengthening the global response to the effects of climate change”, she said, stressing that these issues are on Mozambique's main agenda in the UN security mission.

The minister, who led the Mozambican delegation to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, on 9 June – at which the non-permanent members of the security council for 2023-24 were elected – pledged that Mozambique will live up to the responsibilities and expectations of the international community, to honour the trust placed in it by other nations.

“The country will promote reform advocacy in the UN security council as per the body's consensus, as a way to respond to the responsibilities that the international community has given to Mozambique”, she added.

Macamo pledged, that, in its Security Council capacity, the country will pay deep attention to the problems of Africa, as well as strengthening efforts to bring effective solutions for the problems faced by the continent.

Mozambique received 192 votes, 100 percent of all those countries eligible to vote. The country needed only 129 votes to secure the two thirds majority necessary to guarantee its election.

Along with Mozambique, which received the most votes possible (192), Ecuador (190), Switzerland (187), Malta (185), and Japan (184 votes) were also elected to the security council.