High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique

The Maputo City (as province)

The capital city offers the visitor great business and leisure opportunities. With its broad avenues lined with red acacia and jacaranda trees the city has a wide variety of historical and cultural points of interest.

Points of note about the Province
• Contrast between rural and urban life;
• Famous for its bay (Espírito Santo now

What to visit

In Maputo:
• The Iron House: Downtown next to Independence Square. Late 19th century Belgium prefabricated structure commissioned by the colonial government. It was designed in the Gustave Eiffel style and it was intended as the residence for the Mozambique Governor-General.
• The Tunduru Botanical Gardens: Situated on Samora Machel Av.,downtown Maputo, it was created in 1885 and has a diverse collection of indigenous and exotic plants.
• Nossa Senhora da Conceição Fort: On the 25th of June Square, downtown Maputo, tel. 21307285. Built in 1781, it houses today the colonial Military Museum with relics from the colonial era. Open throughout the week from 9.00 to 12.00 am and from 2.00 to 5.00 pm with free entrance.
• Central Market: In the centre of town, it known informally as the downtown market. Built in 1901, it is a colourful place where one finds everything from fresh produce (vegetables, fruit, herbs, seafood, etc.) to cosmetics and handicrafts.
• Maputo Mosque: is situated at Mosque St. and was built in 1877 in a rectangular configuration. It was restored recently.
• Downtown Mosque: built at the beginning of the 20th century;
• The Yellow House: at adjoining 25th of June Square was for a while the headquarters of the colonial government and it is today the Mint Museum;
• The Mozambican Heroes’ Square : is situated at the Acordos de Lusaka Av. The monument is star shaped and placed at the centre of the square and houses the mortal remains of the Mozambican Heroes of the Independence and post-independence periods, including those of Eduardo Mondlane and Samora Machel,
• The Museum of Natural History: is situated at Travessa do Zambeze Square where several wildlife species are exhibited and where a unique worldwide collection of elephant foetuses, in their monthly gestation evolution, can be admired;
• The National Art Museum: is situated at Ho Chi Ming Av.
• The National Geology Museum: is situated at 24th of July Av.;
• The Revolution Museum: is situated at 24th of July Av
• The Mint Museum: is situated at Consiglieri Pedroso St.