High Commission of the Republic of Mozambique

Tchumene junction eases traffic around Maputo

Maputo, 23 Sep (AIM) – The Tchumene junction, which links the EN4 motorway from South Africa to the Maputo Ring Road, was officially opened to traffic on 23 September. The junction which cost US$16 million has five access ramps to ensure the free flow of traffic from the outer Maputo suburb of Zimpeto to Matola and Moamba on the EN4 motorway.

The junction will also allow traffic from South Africa to flow to northern Mozambique without passing through Maputo. In addition, a new 100-metre long bridge has been built over the Matola River.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Public Works, Cecilia Chamutota, said “it is with great pride and a feeling of mission accomplished that we deliver the infrastructure, with great accessibility, safety and comfort”.

The junction will divert away from Maputo a great deal of traffic travelling from South Africa, particularly during the festive season when many of the Mozambican workers return to their homes in Gaza and Inhambane provinces.

Chamutota added that “the connection is very important as it will reduce the time taken for motorists to reach their destinations and ensure that there is a lower number of road accidents”.

She pointed out that measures are being taken to improve road signs for better safety, and that public lighting using solar energy will shortly be installed along the road.

Regarding the four toll gates under construction along the Ring Road, the Deputy Minister said that the tariff has not yet been decided.