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    23 September, 2009
   Donors criticise fuel subsidy

The group of donors who provide direct support to the Mozambican budget on 18 September
    23 September, 2009
   Dhlakama launches presidential bid

Afonso Dhlakama, leader of Mozambique’s main opposition party Renamo
    23 September, 2009
   President Guebuza urges mass turnout for elections

All Mozambican voters, regardless of the parties they support, and even those who say they are not interested in politics
    23 September, 2009
   MDM’s opponents “afraid to face us”

Rival parties damage offices of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM)
    23 September, 2009
   Renamo calls for abolition of conscription

Renamo has made abolition of conscription a plank in its election campaign.
    23 September, 2009
   MISA condemns violence against reporters

The Mozambican chapter of the regional press body MISA (Media Institute of Southern Africa) has strongly protested
    23 September, 2009
   Private banks “responding positively”

The Governor of the Bank of Mozambique, Ernesto Gove, declared on 18 September that the national and foreign private sector
    23 September, 2009
   Botswana coal could make port viable

Exports of coal from landlocked Botswana could make a new mineral port viable at Ponta Dobela
    23 September, 2009
   275,000 Mozambicans face food insecurity

At least 275,000 people in southern and central Mozambique are facing food insecurity
    9 September, 2009
   World must act now against climate change – President Guebuza

President Armando Guebuza on 4 September urged the world to act now against climate changes before it is too late.
    9 September, 2009
   Anibalzinho rearrested in South Africa

Anibal dos Santos Junior, ('Anibalzinho'), the man who recruited and led the death squad that murdered investigative journalist Carlos Cardoso in November 2000
    9 September, 2009
   Mphanda Nkuwa dam among top priorities

The construction of a new dam on the Zambezi river at Mphanda Nkuwa
    9 September, 2009
   Draft policy on renewable energy concluded

The Ministry of Energy has concluded the development of a draft policy on the development of renewable energies.
    9 September, 2009
   President inaugurates new wind turbine

On 8 August President, Armando Guebuza inaugurated at Rocha Beach, Inhambane province, the country’s first fourth generation wind turbine.
    9 September, 2009
   Exports fall 16 per cent

The current international economic crisis has led to the reduction of Mozambican exports
    9 September, 2009
   Illiteracy to drop by 30 per cent by 2012

The National Director of literacy and adult education Ernesto Muianga has announced that the illiteracy rate
    9 September, 2009
   Four officials arrested in Tete for embezzlement

Four high ranking officials of the Provincial Planning and Finances Directorate in the western Tete
    9 September, 2009
   Cereal production reaches 2.6 million tonnes

Deputy Education Minister Luis Covane on 25 August announced that cereal production reached 2.6 million tonnes
    9 September, 2009
   Rice project launched in Maputo

On 14 August the $30 million Bela Vista-Rice Project was launched in Maputo by the consortium formed by Libya Africa Investment Portfolio (LAP) and the Mozambican company Ubuntu SA.
    9 September, 2009
   New project to boost rural markets

A $40 million project to promote rural markets was launched on 17 August in Pemba,
    9 September, 2009
   $190 million earned from tourism

Mozambique’s tourism industry earned $190 million in 2008 - a doubling of revenue collected in 2004.
  4 September, 2017  
Over twenty thousand farmers benefit from mechanisation programme
From October 2016 to July this year, 21,045 Mozambican farmers benefitted from tractors to plough their lands, and other technological packages to improve agricultural production and productivity.

  2 September, 2017  
Moatize – Macuse project to begin in late 2018
The Mozambican Ministry of Transport and Communications announced in Maputo on 1 September that the construction of a new railway from the western province of Tete to Macuse, on the coast of Zambezia province, should begin in late 2018, and be concluded in the first quarter of 2021.

  23 August, 2017  
Five billion meticais for road maintenance
The Ministry of Public Works expects to spend five billion meticais on routine road maintenance this year.


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