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    10 August, 2018
Prices continue to drop in July
Inflation in Mozambique in July, as measured by the consumer price indices of the three largest cities (Maputo, Nampula, and Beira) was -0.18 per cent, according to the latest figures issued by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

The main price fall in the month was for food and non-alcoholic beverages, with prices reduced by 0.43 per cent. In particular, there was a drop in the price of tomatoes (12.4 per cent), fish (3.8 per cent), onions (4.9 per cent), sweet potatoes (13.4 per cent), coconuts (9.5 per cent), chicken (1.5 per cent), and cabbages (6.7 per cent).

Some prices rose: petrol (0.8 per cent), beef (2.7 per cent), women’s shoes (2.9 per cent), and capulanas (0.7 per cent).

Accumulated inflation between January to July was 2.41 per cent, while inflation from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018 was 4.73 per cent. Transport was the largest contributor to yearly inflation with prices increasing by 13.74 per cent.

In July, prices in Maputo were pretty much static with a rise of 0.04 per cent. In the central city of Beira prices fell by 0.53 per cent whilst in the northern city of Nampula prices fell by 0.37 per cent.
  9 April, 2019  
Entrepreneur registers design of Community Tablet
A Mozambican entrepreneur, Dayn Amade, has successfully registered the design of his Community Tablet vehicle with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office. This will protect his design from imitation for up to 25 years and makes taking legal action against infringement of copyright more stra

  21 September, 2018  
Poachers and illegal loggers jailed
The Chigubo district court, in the southern Mozambican province of Gaza, has, over the past three months, sentenced 14 people to jail terms of between 15 days and 12 years for poaching and illegal logging in the Banhine National Park.

  19 September, 2018  
Government approves water management plan
The Mozambican government on 18 September approved a National Water Resource Management Plan for the next 20 years that will cost an estimated US$28 billion.


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