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    20 April, 2009
President Guebuza convinced of Frelimo victory in elections

President Armando Guebuza declared on 17 November that he is in no doubt that the ruling Frelimo Party will follow up its crushing victory in the November municipal elections with an equally convincing win in the presidential, parliamentary and provincial elections scheduled for later this year.

Addressing the opening session of a Frelimo national cadre conference, which will discuss electoral strategy, President Guebuza said that, given the quality of the party's militants and its level of preparation, "Frelimo and its candidates will once again win the forthcoming elections. Of that I am certain. Guided by the Frelimo government, we shall also overcome the scourge of hunger and poverty".

Victory in the municipal elections was no accident, he stressed, but was due to the hard work of Frelimo members across the country who "on foot, or on bicycles, motorbikes or in buses, in sun or in rain, by day or by night, went out to mobilise the voters and carry our message of a better future for Mozambique".

The debates preceding this conference, he said, "clearly showed that it is with Frelimo that a strong and prosperous Mozambique is being built, that is the property of all Mozambicans".

Throughout Mozambique's recent history Frelimo had proved able "to mobilise all sectors of Mozambican society" in pursuit of the key goal of the moment, first to overcome colonial rule, then to defend the country's sovereignty and to win peace. "Today", President Guebuza declared, "we have the historic duty to defeat poverty".

Victory in this battle, he insisted, "is entirely within our reach, and the benefits from the victories we are achieving are open and accessible to all of us" - with the condition that Mozambicans must "participate in the battle that Frelimo is leading against poverty and for development".

Improving living conditions, President Guebuza stressed, would always depend more on the hard work of Mozambicans than on any donations or offers from outside.

2,152 delegates and guests attended the conference, held in the Frelimo Central School, in the southern city of Matola. The delegates assessed the implementation of the government's five-year programme (2005-2009), drew up a balance sheet of the municipal elections, and prepared for the forthcoming elections.

Election manifesto prepared

The conference on 19 April called for the party's election manifesto to be based on four cornerstones - the consolidation of national unity, peace and democracy; the fight against poverty; good governance; and the strengthening of sovereignty and of international cooperation.

These suggestions will be submitted to the Frelimo Central Committee, which will meet in the southern city of Matola on 21 April.

The party's Secretary for Mobilisation and Propaganda, Edson Macuacua, told reporters that the pledge to consolidate national unity, peace and democracy sought to value Mozambique's cultural diversity, its national heroes, languages, and a culture of peace, dialogue, tolerance and reconciliation.

Macuacua said that Frelimo now defines itself as a party that promotes the creation of wealth, employment, self-employment and the entrepreneurial spirit, and the provision of education and health services, basic infrastructures, and clean drinking water.

He said that the party also wants to improve the way the economy is funded, ensure a favourable environment for investment, and for balanced and sustainable development centred on the rural districts. The outcome of such a strategy would be to accelerate improvements in living standards.

Also stressed by the conference were the need to mechanise agriculture, and to use improved seeds and appropriate and sustainable technologies, particularly for the rational management of water.

When it came to the theme of good governance, said Macuacua, Frelimo is committed to promoting open and participatory governance, the decentralization of power, the rule of law, the reform of the public sector, and the fight against crime.

Finally, Frelimo wanted to promote further international cooperation to guarantee Mozambique's place in the world, and to promote regional and international cultural exchanges.

  2 December, 2019  
AIDS related deaths fell 20 percent over five years
President Filipe Nyusi declared on 1 December in the northern city of Nampula that the number of deaths from HIV/AIDS in Mozambique fell by 20 per cent between 2014 and 2018.

  18 November, 2019  
President addresses Catholic Bishops
President Filipe Nyusi on 16 November challenged the Catholic Church to continue its commitment to achieving the social well-being of Mozambicans and indicated that dialogue should be one of the paths chosen.

  17 November, 2019  
New water system for Gorongosa inaugurated
More than 30,000 people will benefit from clean drinking water in Gorongosa town, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala, thanks to a new water supply system that President Filipe Nyusi inaugurated on 15 November.


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