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       Prova Anual de Vida dos Pensionistas do INSS Residentes no Estrangeiro

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    8 October, 2012
President reshuffles government
Maputo, 8 Oct (AIM) – President Armando Guebuza on 8 October removed Prime Minister Aires Ali, and replaced him with Alberto Vaquina, formerly governor of Tete province, and one of the newcomers elected to the Political Commission at the Congress.

The fall of Ali had been widely expected since the congress of the ruling Frelimo Party in late September, when Ali lost his seat on the party’s most powerful body, the Political Commission.

President Guebuza also removed the Minister of Youth and Sport, Pedrito Caetano, replacing him with Fernando Sumbana, who was previously Minister of Tourism.

The tourism portfolio is now occupied by Carvalho Muaria, who is another of the newcomers to the Frelimo Political Commission. Muaria was governor of Sofala province, and previously held the post of Deputy Minister of Public Works.

The Minister of Education, Zeferino Martins, lost his job and was replaced by one of the deputy ministers, Augusto Luis Jone. The governor of Zambezia province, Francisco Itai Meque is appointed to Jone’s former position as deputy education minister.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Venancio Massingue, was also dismissed. His replacement is Luis Pelembe, a professor of food technology at the country’s largest institution of higher education, the Eduardo Mondlane University.

President Guebuza also took the opportunity to dismiss the governor of Nampula, Felismino Tocoli. He had clearly lost the confidence of Frelimo members in Nampula. In the provincial conferences that preceded the Frelimo Congress, Tocoli was the only one of the 11 governors who was not elected onto the Frelimo Central Committee. 

President Guebuza replaced Tocoli with a Frelimo parliamentarian Cidalia Chauque, and a second parliamentarian, Joaquim Verissimo, becomes governor of Zambezia. Both Chauque and Verissimo are members of the Standing Commission (governing board) of the Mozambican parliament, and will now have to be replaced.

The new governor of Sofala is Felix Paulo, a former national director of veterinary services, and the new governor of Tete is Ratxide Gogo, a former deputy general director of the Electoral Administration Technical Secretariat (STAE).

Following this reshuffle, the composition of the Mozambican government is as follows

President of the Republic:  Armando Emilio Guebuza

Prime Minister:  Alberto Clementino Vaquina


Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Oldemiro Julio Baloi
Planning and Development: Aiuba Cuereneia
Finance: Manuel Chang
Agriculture: Jose Condungua Pacheco
Industry and Trade: Armando Inroga
Transport and Communications: Paulo Zucula
Mineral Resources: Esperanca Bias
Energy: Salvador Namburete
Public Works and Housing: Cadmiel Muthemba
Fisheries: Victor Manuel Borges
Education: Augusto Luis Jone
Health: Alexandre Manguele
Defence: Filipe Nyussi
Interior: Alberto Mondlane
State Administration: Carmelita Namashalua
Veterans’ Affairs: Mateus Oscar Kida
Tourism: Carvalho Muaria
Youth and Sport: Fernando Sumbana Junior
Public Service: Vitoria Diogo
Labour: Maria Helena Taipo
Justice: Maria Benvinda Levy
Science and Technology: Luis Augusto Pelembe
Culture: Armando Artur
Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare: Iolanda Cintura
Coordination of Environmental Action: Alcinda Abreu
Minister for the President’s Office: Antonio Fernandes Sumbana

Ministers in the Presidency:

For Social Matters: Feliciano Gundana
For Parliamentary, Municipal and Provincial Assembly Affairs: Adelaide Amurane

Deputy Ministers:

Interior: Jose Mandra
Finance: Pedro Couto
Planning and Development: Maria Jose Lucas
Foreign Affairs and Cooperation: Henrique Banze, Eduardo Koloma
Defence: Agostinho Monjane
Coordination of Environmental Action: Ana Paula Chichava
Public Works and Housing: Francisco Pereira
Mineral Resources: Abdul Razak Noormahomed
State Administration: Jose Tsambe
Energy: Jaime Himede
Industry and Trade: Kenneth Marizane
Agriculture: Antonio Raul Limbau
Public Service: Abdurremane Lino de Almeida
Justice: Alberto Ntukumula
Education: Arlindo Chilundo, Francisco Itai Meque, Leda Florinda Hugo
Health: Nazira Abdula
Fisheries: Gabriel Muthisse
Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare: Virgilio Mateus
Veterans’ Affairs: Marcelino Liphola
Youth and Sport: Carlos Castro de Sousa

Provincial Governors:

Niassa: David Marizane
Cabo Delgado: Eliseu Machava
Nampula:Cidalia Chauque
Zambezia: Joaquim Verissimo
Tete: Ratxide Gogo
Manica: Ana Comoana
Sofala: Felix Paulo
Inhambane: Agostinho Trinta
Gaza: Raimundo Diomba
Maputo: Maria Elias Jonas
Maputo City: Lucilia Nota Hama

  2 December, 2019  
AIDS related deaths fell 20 percent over five years
President Filipe Nyusi declared on 1 December in the northern city of Nampula that the number of deaths from HIV/AIDS in Mozambique fell by 20 per cent between 2014 and 2018.

  18 November, 2019  
President addresses Catholic Bishops
President Filipe Nyusi on 16 November challenged the Catholic Church to continue its commitment to achieving the social well-being of Mozambicans and indicated that dialogue should be one of the paths chosen.

  17 November, 2019  
New water system for Gorongosa inaugurated
More than 30,000 people will benefit from clean drinking water in Gorongosa town, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala, thanks to a new water supply system that President Filipe Nyusi inaugurated on 15 November.


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